6 Recommended Trekking Spots in Bali for Exciting Adventure

Bali Trekking

Exploring the Island of Bali in a different way will give the impression of a tour and a more memorable experience. Bali is indeed rich in tourist attractions. Not only there are beaches and marine tourism, more than that Bali has some of the best places for adventure, such as trekking tours. For those of you who like to walk while exploring the field of adventure that is close to the outdoors, of course, some of the following trekking tours in Bali can be used as the best alternative to nature tourism.


Here are 6 recommended Trekking Tours in Bali for Exciting Adventures that will make your holiday in Bali fun and very memorable


Mount Batur Trekking

Batur Trekking
The most famous trekking in Bali is trekking on Mount Batur. This mountain is often visited by tourists curious about the natural panorama of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

Most tourists do sunrise trekking, which is trekking to get a beautiful sunrise view. Batur is not too high, which is only about 1,717 meters above sea level. So this trekking trip only takes approximately 2 hours.

You can enjoy the trip at this Sunrise Tourist Spot in Indonesia without a little struggle. Because although many say this mountain is suitable for beginners, in fact climbing the mountain is not that easy. Prepare physically strong so that the trip is not tiring.


Mount Agung Trekking


Mount Agung Bali Trekking

Just like Mount Batur, trekking tours in Bali at Mount Agung are also mostly done for sunrise trekking. Mount Agung itself is the highest mountain in Bali, reaching 3,142 meters above sea level.

There are two hiking trails to choose from. However, most tourists go through the Besakih Temple route. To climb this mountain, you need a guide or tour guide. By paying for a guide, you usually get facilities such as flashlights, trekking poles, and even breakfast.

This Sunrise place in Bali has a fairly tiring path. There are almost no sloping paths to pass. So you really need to prepare physically before climbing this mountain. However, the scenery above will be very stunning. Especially when the sunrise was successfully obtained.


Sambangan Village Bali Trekking

Sambangan bali trekking
Another place in Bali that can be used for trekking tours is Sambangan Village. This village has a unique natural landscape, protected forests, and unspoiled rice fields. The topography of Sambangan Village is also very interesting for a bali trekking adventure.

The northern part of the village has flat areas but in some other parts, there are steep areas. The village itself is located at an altitude of 500 to 1,020 meters above sea level, with the steepest slope of about 40 degrees.

Those of you who like adventure activities will really enjoy the natural atmosphere in Sambangan village. Not only domestic tourists who come, but also foreign tourists. Besides having views of the hills and rice fields, there is also a waterfall around Sambangan Village. Not only one waterfall is offered in Sambangan village, but there are seven interesting waterfalls. If you have enough time for adventure, you can visit the waterfall.


Jungle Trekking Bedugul

Bedugul Jungle Trekking
Other bali trekking sites are in the Bedugul area, precisely on the shores of Lake Buyan. Its name is Bali Jungle Trekking. This trip will take you through the tropical forest of Bedugul which is distinctive and shady.

This activity can be used as an exciting alternative to visiting Lake Beratan in Bedugul. This tropical forest is very beautiful and still hidden so that the impression of adventure will really be obtained.

The path that will be traversed is a climbing and descending path that drains your energy. However, the atmosphere in this Bali Forest Tour will give you peace of mind. Moreover, in it, there are various types of plants typical of Lake Buyan. To be able to do trekking there, you need an instructor who can be obtained from several tour packages.


Strawberry Farm Bali Trekking

strawbery farm

Still, in the Bedugul area, you can visit a strawberry-picking tourist spot near Lake Beratan. This place can be used as an alternative for outbound tourism as well as unique agro-tourism.

Besides being able to pick strawberries and outbound with the team, you can also trek in this tourist area. Although trekking there does not penetrate the forest, enjoying the strawberry garden with cool temperatures remains an interesting and different tourist activity.

Bali Trekking at Dikubu Strawberry Farm is usually one with Outbound Tour packages in Bali. So you can do activities with your group, such as an office or school group.


Bukit Campuhan Bali Trekking


Campuhan Ride

Another famous bali trekking tourist spot is Campuhan Hill in the Ubud area. This one hill is interesting with a stretch of rice fields and also a typical green view of the countryside.

Campuhan Hill itself is a hill with a fairly gentle valley filled with weeds. From there you can find beautiful natural scenery, complete with hills and beautiful rivers.

Besides being able to walk around, the Bukit Campuhan tourist area also has a jogging track facility which is usually also used for bicycle paths. This place is suitable for those of you who like small sports while enjoying the green nature.

Thus some of the tourist attractions in Bali are interesting to visit, especially for tourists who like adventure. Hopefully, this article is useful and can provide the travel reference you need.

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