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Kuta Beach Bali


Kuta Beach is a top-rated tourist destination among domestic and foreign tourists besides its very strategic location in the center of tourism activities. This beach offers white sand, clear water, and all activities on the beach are very pleasant. It is the most famous beach resort on the island and is best referred to as Bali's Paradise Beach. Kuta Beach is the most crowded area with the most tourists in all of Bali. On the beach, there are many hawkers selling various kinds of regional specialties, such as handicrafts, T-shirts, beach clothes, and accessories. Because the beach is windy with high waves, it is not suitable for boating or swimming there. But it is an ideal place for windsurfing, favored by young people looking for fun. It is also a perfect place watching the beautiful sunset in Bali. At night, there are local Balinese singing and dancing as special performances for tourists.



Kuta Beach Location

The location of Kuta Beach is located on Jalan Pantai Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. in the center of tourism in Bali which is located close to the airport, about 15 minutes drive from the airport to get to this Kuta beach. Kuta beach is very easy to find because Kuta beach is very famous and has even become a beach icon on the island of Bali. Kuta beach location is close to five-star hotels along the road near the beach, close to the biggest shopping center in Bali, close to restaurants with various kinds of food here, and close to small shops selling various kinds of equipment from surfing equipment, clothes, handicrafts and others that will make you feel at home for long in this Kuta beach area. No wonder this strategic location makes Kuta beach always one of the programs that must be visited while on vacation on the island of Bali.


Kuta Beach History


Since the 18th century, Kuta has been the gateway for foreigners visiting southern Bali. Since being rediscovered by hippies and surfers in the 1960s, Kuta and Legian have grown so rapidly that they are now one of the busiest tourist areas in the world. Three hundred years ago, in this place, a Konco (Buddhist Temple) was built which is located beside the Tukad Mati (Dead River) where the river was navigable at that time. The boat stepped into the interior of Kuta so Kuta became a trading port. Mad Lange was a Danish merchant in the 19th century who built his trading station on the riverbank. During his stay in Bali, he often became an intermediary between the kings of Bali and the Netherlands. Mad Lange died mysteriously and his tomb is located inside the Konco (Buddhist Temple) right by the river. Kuta used to be a quiet fishing village, but has now turned into a hilarious city and is equipped with a post office, police station, market, pharmacy, photo center, and shops. There are many luxuriously designed and comfortable hotels located on the long side of the white sandy beach of Kuta.



Paradise Beach in the Bali Islands

Kuta Beach is like a vacation paradise with beautiful clean beaches, lots of shops, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. With the beauty of Kuta beach, it is very fitting to bear the nickname of paradise beach which is the dream of beach tourism lovers, where with white sand, clear water, and good waves, many tourists come here to swim, sunbathe, or surf. The beach is very complete and no wonder every day Kuta beach is always crowded with visitors from within and outside the country. If you visit the island of Bali, it's incomplete if you haven't visited this Kuta beach which with all its natural beauty will complete your vacation on this beloved island. Kuta Beach is not only a unique scenic spot for sunbathing and water activities but also the perfect place to watch the sunset. The commercial area in the center of Kuta Square is a new and modern shopping skyscraper.


What you can do in Kuta Beach

As the center of tourism activities in Bali, Kuta Beach has a variety of activities that you can do here in your spare time, by seeing the beautiful natural scenery of the beach will complete your curiosity about Kuta Beach which is the icon of the island of Bali. With a variety of activities available on the beach, your days during your visit here will be very pleasant. Here are some things you can do on Kuta beach and around Kuta beach.

Swimming: Here with clear water making Kuta beach ideal for swimming, many tourists who visit here enjoy the beauty and clarity of the beach by swimming. The sensation of swimming is very pleasant, where swimming on the beach of paradise is phenomenally beautiful.

Sunbathing: This is a very suitable place to enjoy the heat of the sun by sunbathing on the beach. There are many tent and chair rental services that you can use for sunbathing in this place, with relatively cheap prices that will make the sunbathing atmosphere very pleasant.

Surfing: With good waves, not big and not small, this makes Kuta beach very suitable for those of you who want to learn to surf, here on this beach there are many surfing learning services, you can try it if you want to learn to surf at this Kuta beach, enjoy water sports at this beach.

Massage: In addition, there is also a massage service on the beach which is usually on standby near the tent and offers massage services, you can try it while sunbathing in the tent and feel the sensation of a very good massage which will make your body feel weak. Refreshed after a long time of activity.

Restaurants: Around Kuta beach, there are many restaurants with very good quality food. You can enjoy lunch here while looking at the beach and in the afternoon while watching the sunset which is very beautiful. With a price that is not too expensive, it will make the taste of eating very enjoyable.

Shopping Mall: In front of the beach there is the largest and most complete shopping center in Bali called Discovery Shopping Mall. You can come here to see or shop at this shopping center with very complete items that will meet your needs as you wish.


There are still many small activities that you can do along Kuta Beach road and its surroundings, you can take a walk around Kuta Beach road and there are still many activities such as tattoo services for those of you who want to have a tattoo, spa, and massage around Kuta Beach road, shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs, restaurants of various types of food are here, as well as other things you can do here that will make time go by so fast.



Kuta Beach Nightlife

Central party, Kuta at night refers to an area that stretches about 7km north of the original village of Kuta. This area now includes Legian, Seminyak and even Kerobokan. The Kuta area is the center of Bali's nightlife. Most of Bali's better entertainment venues offer anything and everything a 'night owl' could want. Located in the center of the original village there are many pubs and discotheques open in Kuta. A nightlife that fits perfectly into your country's life where many clubs, restaurants, and pubs are open late, here you can spend time with friends or family.


Admission to the bar is usually free with special drink promotions and Happy Hours from 6 pm to 9 pm, and sometimes even longer. Legian Street, Kuta Street, and Padma Street have the largest concentration of water holes. Take the option of joining the surfers for a beer, a game of billiards, and a surf video cafe or stop by the attractive and quirky Bounty Restaurant I, which sways to the dance floor music until dawn. Take a walk down double six street, where here you will see many pubs and bars that are open till late night, the strains of the season will greet you and pub sales will approach you and offer to enter the club, the atmosphere is similar to the nightlife abroad with live music in every bar and restaurant will accompany your nightlife to be more meaningful.

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