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Tanah Lot Temple Bali with Sunset View

Tanah Lot Bali Temple is located on the coast of the Beraban countryside, Kediri District and Tabanan Regency. It is located at 30km on the west side of Denpasar city and about 11 Km on the south side of Tabanan city. Tanah Lot Temple is built on a 3-hectare rock and can be reached in a few minutes by foot, as it is only 20 meters from the beach. Tanah Lot Temple is very famous among tourist destinations in Bali with stunning sunset views. In some corners of the coral reefs around Tanah Lot Temple. This natural beauty makes Tanah Lot Temple a favorite destination on the island of Bali.


The island of Bali has always been known as a holiday destination, besides that there are many very interesting tourist objects and always give a good impression on domestic and foreign tourists. The object that is most frequently visited is Tanah Lot Temple, which is a temple located on the beach and standing on a rock. At high tide, the Tanah Lot temple will look like it is floating in the ocean. This loveliness makes this place much in demand by tourists. In addition, at Tanah Lot Temple you can see the beauty of the sunset process in the west, this is also in great demand by tourists to admire the amazing natural beauty. If you visit the island of Bali, don't forget to visit Tanah Lot Temple with all its uniqueness and beautiful sunsets.


Meaning of Word Tanah Lot Temple

The word Tanah Lot consists of two words, namely the word Tanah which is defined as a coral that looks like a dyke or island. The word Lot or Lod means sea. So Tanah Lot is a small island that floats on the sea. The location which is now called Tanah Lot was once used in the Megalithic era as a place that looked sacred, as evidenced by the presence of menhirs. In accordance with environmental conditions, the structure of Tanah Lot Temple was built on an irregular rock plain with an angle of inclination that only consists of one page of innards. Tanah Lot Temple is different from other temples on the island of Bali, Tanah Lot does not have several courtyards because it is built on a coral plain with irregular corners of the house. Within the temple complex itself, there is a tiered shrine that follows the basic elements of Balinese design where the number of levels built symbolizes the complexity of faith. There are other formations within the area that indicate that the site is not only of high religious value but also holds very important archaeological value. This temple, which is located in the middle of the sea, has a ritual or ceremony that takes place every 6 months or 210 days. At that time all Hindus from various regions in Bali will come to worship in peace and harmony to pray.


History Tanah Lot Temple

Dang Hyang Nirartha or better known as Pedanda Sakti Wau Rauh came from the Blambangan area, East Java to the island of Bali around the 16th century. During the reign of King Dalem Baturenggong (also called Waturenggong or Enggong or Dalem Gelgel) in Gelgel Bali. Then, he made a holy journey (Dharmayatra) and walked along the southern coast of the island of Bali from the west to the east. In the end, he found a beach in the Tabanan area (now Tabanan Regency), not far from Baraban Village. Next, he saw a rock in the shape of a small island in the sea. In this place, he meditated and he felt a holy vibration. So on the rock, he suggested building a sacred building for the worship of God which is now the Tanah Lot Temple.


The Uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple

One of the unique features of Tanah Lot is that across the road from the temple there is a cave in which several black and white sea snakes live, which we can meet on the coast. The stomach has no protruding skin, only small skin, but this sea water snake is very dangerous, but snakebite cases are very rare because seawater snakes are generally very passive. This snake is very tame and not to be bullied because it is considered the forerunner of the guard and protects the entire area from invisible evil forces. Then there is also the belief that at Tanah Lot Temple there is a source of holy water, precisely under the temple. Holy water is believed to bring sustenance to anyone who drinks it.


The Function of Tanah Lot Temple

The function of this temple can be realized from the function of the main temple building which is located in the main temple area. In this place, there is the main temple to worship a god in the form of Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara, the power of the sea. The medium for worshiping this god is a 5-story temple building, while the 3-story temple building in the northern part of this area is intended to worship Dang Hyang Nirartha.


To find out the status of Tanah Lot Temple can be seen from the history of the temple, its function, and the presence of worshipers who enter to pray when the temple ceremony is held. This case can be realized as follows:

- Tanah Lot Temple as Dang Kahyangan (big Holy Temple in Bali), because of its history, and Penyiwi (People who take care of the temple) come from local residents from Tabanan

- Regency and its surroundings Tanah Lot Temple as Segara Temple because of its function as a sacred place to worship Bhatara Segara, God with manifestation as God of Ocean Power


Not separated from the myth that covers everything from the establishment of the Tanah Lot Temple, this temple remains one of the main icons of tourism on the island of Bali. This will be a memorable religious tourism trip for you, especially when visiting while holding rituals accompanied by an event-themed Tanah Lot Spectacular will make a trip to the island of Bali unforgettable.


The most popular time to visit Tanah Lot Temple is the afternoon when the sun begins to set on the horizon and the temple is silhouetted against the vibrant light of the sky. This site attracts crowds of travelers who come by bus to witness the view of this magnificent temple against the backdrop of crashing waves. We from Bali Best EO offer tour packages to visit the Tanah Lot temple at affordable prices with satisfying service. You can check tour details here Bali Tanah Lot Tour. In addition to tour packages, we also offer Bali private car rentals that you can rent and visit tourist attractions on the island of Bali according to the itinerary that you have.

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