Unforgettable Adventure While On Vacation To Bali With Friends


Traveling to Bali  with Friends

This is the story of my and my friend's vacation while on an adventure to Bali. Actually this incident happened 2 years ago but I will tell you again because this holiday was really great. How come you can be compact like this, even though the cost to Bali is no joke... and they are willing to take time off work and leave all their activities for the sake of a busy vacation to Bali. The appointment to meet in Bali, the automatic transportation to get there is also different. There are those who go through the bottom lane and the top lane, aka take a plane.

Really compact, really want to repeat this memory with friends. While in Bali we have stories and adventures when we go to hit tourist attractions while in Bali. What tours did we visit....?


1. Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa that we visited is a hit tourist area in Bali. Several inns are also lined up in the coastal area. Although there were only a few travelers that I saw on this beach, it did not eliminate my desire to play in the waves on this white sand beach.

The hot sun stings my skin, I don't know why Benoa Beach is this hot. I saw women selling accessories such as hats and glasses. Sunglasses that cost 25 thousand and a hat for the same price too. From afar I also saw some cool tourists playing banana boats.


2. Nusa Dua Peninsula

After going through a fairly short trip from Tanjung Benoa, we immediately changed direction to Nusa Dua. Precisely to Nusa Dua Peninsula Island. My first time to this place with friends.

Nusa Dua Peninsula Island is a bay with an elite area that is open to the public. Free entry, no payment, no parking, just sip. Our elf car driver told us that this place is often made / rented as a place for big activities or events. Like the party congress, the miss universe event, and other great events, hmmm, it's okay for a honeymoon. The place is indeed an elite bin luxury when we entered this area.


3. Waterblowing

The next destination is to Waterblow, an area with Nusa Dua Peninsula Island. We just have to walk until we reach this beautiful place. Even though you only see sharp rocks and many tourists are also waiting for the waves to crash.

We didn't want to miss seeing the crashing waves, which were said to be more than 2 meters high. Ouwooo, that's a terrible crash, you have to be careful, you're afraid you'll be shocked and you'll slip, then byurrr.

The crash of the waves from the sea water occurs when the sea water is high and the waves hit the rocks where the sea water that enters the cracks in the rocks will later cause a very loud banging sound. So cool isn't it? See the Indonesian Ocean in front of your eyes and see the waves crashing. Subhan Allah...

So we can take a romantic walk in this place without fear of being hit by sharp rocks. How come many tourists are narcissistic like us, some take selfies, some take videos, ah, just narcissistic. His name also wants to capture the moment at Waterblow. Yes, it's not wrong if we are narcissistic.


4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Previously we watched the ballet on the stage. It's great to see the entertainment in sight. Before we left the stage, we took the time to take pictures with these Balinese dancers.

To enter and see the statue of Lord Vishnu we have to wear a yellow scarf tied around the waist, this applies to women. If a man wears shorts, then he must wear a purple scarf which is also tied around his waist.

The most fun thing is that we can enjoy the view from above. We will be presented with truly charming views, including being able to see Ngurah Rai Airport when the plane takes off and the beaches of Kuta and Legian.

There is a rental of segway toys, enough to pay 50 thousand per person for 10 minutes we can surround the limestone hills. Personally, I'm not satisfied if it's only 10 minutes, I have to add 3 times the rent to 30 minutes, so a total of 150 thousand.

Walking around GWK with an area of ​​240 hectares can make your feet pound. It's better if you rent this Segway toy, just stand there and don't want to walk alone.


5. Padang-Padang Beach

After GWK, the next tourist destination is Padang-Padang Beach. This is our first time to Padang-Padang Beach which is said to have an exotic beach with coral rocks. I'm really curious... well even though I already know that the beaches in Bali are beautiful with white sand and blue ocean.

Padang-Padang Beach was originally not a famous beach like Kuta Beach or Sanur Beach. Thanks to the film Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Robert, shooting at this beach, this beach is visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign. The beach that can be seen from the top of the bridge is indeed very beautiful. The location is in the same area as Uluwatu, which is both located in the Pecatu area, South Kuta, Badung Regency.


6. Pandawa Beach

When we went to this beach in the afternoon, we didn't see the sunset, because Pandawa Beach is indeed suitable for seeing the sunrise. So, we just enjoy this beach with sparkling sand and blue sea. And the view that people think this beach is still a scrat beach. Luckily we came to this place in the afternoon because the tourists had started a little, so we were free huhu haha ​​along this white sand.

In this place there is also a kind of stall, which offers a variety of food and drinks perfunctory. And as usual, the price is definitely not suitable for backpackers. The average price at tourist attractions is a bit unreasonable for a mother like me. So at least for those of you who want to live frugally, you should bring a bekel if you go to this kind of tourist spot. Hehehe...

We spent 3 days 2 nights in Bali, precisely in Kuta. Thank God we are got comfortable lodging. Comfortable hotel rooms, convenient access to everywhere, comfortable service, and definitely comfortable because we are on vacation. Of course haha ​​hihi donk at this cozy inn.

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